Quality-Centric Approach

Seeking Stakeholder Satisfaction

Balanced leadership triangle promoting stakeholder satisfaction

Balanced leadership triangle promoting stakeholder satisfaction

The foundation of any successful professional services firm is the acquisition of intellectual capital and its applied results as a brand. The three cornerstones are employee(s), employer (firm), and clients with balanced relationships between all entities resulting in equally perceived satisfaction.

The employee must be able to sensibly capture, apply, and convey intellectual capital. The firm must understand the need for quality employees, envision a strategy to properly utilize their knowledge and skillsets, shape corporate direction for execution, and balance stakeholder expectations (employee, employer, and client.) The client must convey program objectives and expectations and hold the employer accountable.

Boyle Technical Consulting Services strives for a proper balance which leads to stronger relationships, more cohesive programs, and stakeholder satisfaction through desired and expected results.

Our Purpose

Promoting Program Performance

Balanced iron triangle promoting program performance

Balanced iron triangle promoting program performance

Balancing stakeholder satisfaction within the leadership triangle adheres to the same methodology as the well-known and accepted iron triangle which strikes a balance between a program's cost, schedule, and scope (quality) producing the desired performance. Although similar in methodology — constrained by balance — each triangle's foundations and applicable means are substantially different. The iron triangle focuses on quantitative analysis and objectively controlling programs while the leadership triangle focuses on qualitative analysis and subjectively influencing and persuading people.

Unfortunately, the balance of the leadership triangle is often ignored. This mentality and inadequate training leads program managers lacking leadership qualities to the common misconception affecting program performance, a reliance on applying the same management techniques for controlling a program to people (i.e., plug-n-play people as if they were cogs in a wheel.) The result are corporate body shops filling positions with a focus on cost and schedule rather than technical prowess (i.e., quality.)

Boyle Technical Consulting Services places a greater emphasis on quality, providing a stable balance and promoting program performance.

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Avoiding Program Imbalance

Results of backlogged, inadequately scoped, oversold, and imbalanced program

Results of backlogged, inadequately scoped, oversold, and imbalanced program

Although the balance of both triangles is imperative, profitability favors scale and quality employees are extremely difficult to scale. Therefore, professional services firms with a vision of rapid scale, regularly hire and overwork inexpensive and underperforming employees to compensate for backlogged, imbalanced, oversold, and inadequately scoped programs. This is a recognized and often intentional short-term mistake with long-lasting consequences for firms seeking quality performing projects, clients, employees, and brand.

Boyle Technical Consulting Services does not focus on scaling unqualified individuals to fill positions to meet oversold programs, but on the selection of quality individuals whom can be applied to the appropriate scoped tasking, improving stakeholder satisfaction and program performance.

How do I scale my labor force correctly?

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