Capturing, Organizing, and Sharing Applied Knowledge

Public Knowledge Repository of Identity and Access Management

Translating Policy into Procedure

Policy is based on a conceptual vision — usually with a limited consideration of cost and technical feasibility. To assume on-premise workloads migrate seamlessly into cloud infrastructure presents numerous fallacies. This public knowledge repository provides a resource for interpreting Department of Defense (DoD) policy and shaping it into technical and cost feasible solutions.

Knowledge Repository

Quality-Centric Approach

Balanced leadership triangle promoting stakeholder satisfaction

Balanced leadership triangle promoting stakeholder satisfaction

Seeking Stakeholder Satisfaction

The foundation of any successful professional services firm is the acquisition of intellectual capital and its applied results as a brand. The three cornerstones are employee(s), employer (firm), and clients with balanced relationships between all entities resulting in equally perceived satisfaction.

The employee must be able to sensibly capture, apply, and convey intellectual capital. The firm must understand the need for quality employees, envision a strategy to properly utilize their knowledge and skillsets, shape corporate direction for execution, and balance stakeholder expectations (employee, employer, and client.) The client must convey program objectives and expectations and hold the employer accountable.

Boyle Technical Consulting Services strives for a proper balance which leads to stronger relationships, more cohesive programs, and stakeholder satisfaction through desired and expected results.

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