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Within open source and commercial markets, there are numerous options available to secure a mesh of interconnecting systems. However, within the siloed DoD and Federal landscapes, there is a lack of centrally available, organized, unclassified knowledge base that readily produces a cost effective and technically feasible means to leverage most of these solutions,

This knowledge repository seeks to provide cost effective and technically feasible security architecture solutions, mapped to a standardized structure (e.g., NIST 800-53) and Cloud DoD policy (e.g., DoD Cloud Security Requirements Guidelines (SRG) and Secure Cloud Computing Architecture (SCCA)).

It will take some time and effort to migrate, organize, and map the information here, but the sections will continue to grow and are extendable past DoD and Federal markets into any enterprise or growing business. The intial intent is to make it static, but eventually it will allow for dynamic content and feedback.

Identity and Access Management (IdAM)

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